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How to write: A friend's vision

How to write: A friend's vision

When you write, you are often alone. You pass your thoughts to a humanless computer. His lack of personality accepts everything without a word of critique. Even things you wouldn’t tell your closest friend, because they are ridiculous or not coherent.

There is a trick to make your writing more human, coherent and concrete: When you write, pretend you are talking to a friend. Ideally, if it is a person you know well, who might be interested in the topic and whom you wish well.

Do not mention this person in your text. Direct it to all potential people who might enter your blog, but write it as if you were talking to a friend.

The challenge is to change your speech, which is usually a stream of your thoughts to writing, which happens sentence after sentence. Thanks to that, writing can be better organized. But to not lose the benefits of speaking, it is good to start from pretending to explain your topic first, record it or note the flow and the arguments, and then based on that craft your text.

In the end, you can write your article to the person you thought about at the beginning. If you’ve dedicated it to that person, why not send it now? If you are ashamed, step back, think about what makes you feel this way and change it.

Friends are the best critiques. A friend of mine, a priest, repeats that it is most difficult to preach in front of your friends and family. And I want to admit it - running presentations in front of your friends is way harder than in front of strangers. You mind your words much more and think twice before saying anything. Do not be satisfied with the appreciation of anonymous people from the Internet. Find appreciation of the toughest critics instead. And write in a way not to be ashamed in front of your friends or family.

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