About me

As a person of multiple interests, I always missed a place where I could share a non-programming content with the world (as for sharing programming content I created kotlin-academy.com that became quite popular). After meditating for some time about what is important to me, I realized that what always drove me is learning. I am interested in both the science of learning and teaching, as well as in learning everything I can. I love learning, and I believe learning is important. I also love to share content with others. So, as a result, I'm giving you Learning Driven - a blog for those willing to learn, where I will be sharing the best content I can offer about learning and interesting disciplines. Enjoy! :)

Writing policy

All texts are meant to be apolitical and non-commercial. There is no marketing here. I write about what I believe.

Articles are written according to the Power Writing rules. It means:

  • The title of each paragraph should summarize the main thought, so instead of a summary, reading titles should be enough.
  • Avoiding formalisms, passive form, breaking the barrier using "you" etc.
  • I do not follow all the formal grammar rules when I feel that breaking them might improve readability.