RCSBProteinDataBank YouTube channel

RCSBProteinDataBank YouTube channel

Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a database for the three-dimensional structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids. RCSB PDB is a very important one. It contains over 164 391 biological macromolecular structures and shares them for free in a variety of formats. This is not cheap, neither easy, but it is really important for science. It helps us all indirectly as it is important for many biological research studies.

A fun fact is that this organization has it’s YouTube channel. It is not well organized as it blends protein visualizations, educative content and some lecture recordings. But among those videos, you can find some gold. For instance, this video explaining how soap works is marvelous:

What initially got me to the channel was an interest in how enzymes work. This video truly touched me as it not only explains it, but also visualizes it well:

If I had such visualizations, maybe now instead of being an engineer I would be a biologist :P They are interesting, live and speak to our imagination.

Another great explanation by RCSB PDB is what proteins are, again with great visualizations:

Here is a playlist of all the educational videos by the channel (on the upper-right corner you can find a video switch):

RCSBProteinDataBank contains nice and mind extending content suitable for non-scientists who just want to learn some reliable date. Watching all these educative videos would take less than half an hour (although I suggest making some breaks in between), but it might give you a better understanding of the biology and the content that might be important for you (like how your drug works, or why it is important to use soap when washing your hands). It also inspires for learning more and this is what we love here on Learning Driven.

Let me know in the comments what do you think about the channel and the videos.


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