The world is perfect because it is imperfect

The world is perfect because it is imperfect

People generally expect reaching success to be easy, but it is not, and we should be grateful, because it is what makes success interesting.

People often want to be at the top of the mountain so much they do not enjoy the way. Where being on top is actually barring, reaching the top is interesting.

People expect the world to be simple and predictable

A popular image shows that we expect success/graduation/PhD/parenthood to be like an easy and straight way, when it actually turns out to be full of challenges and obstacles.

This is a popular youngster mistake - to underestimate the unknown. Success seem so easy from outside, but we do not know about all the challenges that occurred on the way. This often makes people frustrated, disappointed and bitter, where instead it should be something we are happy about. World is much better this way. Let me explain.

The world is better the way it is

The world is full of obstacles, and we should be happy about it, as:

  • It makes life interesting,
  • It makes us learn and change for better,
  • It is how the world actually it.

It makes life interesting

Acceptance is the key

Enjoy the way

I observe many people who start learning something and who are constantly frustrated by not being the best yet. I see it in youngster programmers, on dancing classes, on practically any sport. Now think about it as climbing a mountain.

If you would be frustrated about not being at the top all the way, you wouldn’t enjoy climbing. Where climbing is most interesting. You reach the top, and you are happy for how long? Sitting at the top is not interesting at all. The same with other adventures.

As a youngster I enjoyed sailing. Reaching the port is not interesting, sailing it. And the more adventures you have on the way, the more interesting it is. Sure, they are often frightening and frustrating when they hit you. Once I was really close to death on the sea (our captain started writing his testament after that). Now this is what I remember the most, and I am happy I had this experience. This was an adventure.

The same with learning say programming. Why being frustrated when you learn? This is the most interesting part of starting every new profession. When we know everything, it gets boring, and we start thinking about doing something else. Sitting at the top is not interesting. We need to climb down then and find another mountain.

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