What is Learning Driven?

What is Learning Driven?

Note: This article defines the term Learning Driven. It is the central point of my life philosophy. This is like a summary of the whole concept. The detailed descriptions of each point will be presented in a separate articles.

Learning Driven is a mental framework designed to help us thrive in the long term in a rapidly changing world.

It focuses on expanding your capabilities by building useful skills and knowledge.

The fundamental elements are:

  1. Love for learning.
  2. Identifying the usefulness, reliability and confidence of knowledge (or skills).
  3. Learning and finding knowledge skills.
  4. Discovering and correcting knowledge.

Love for learning

The problem: As the world changes, learning becomes more and more important, but it cannot be imposed on people.

The solution:

  • Acquiring a proper mindset and attitude - such minded needs to be cultivated, both in a personal level and in communities.
  • Understanding the need for learning in our lives - in a long term it doesn’t matter how much you know, but instead how much you are learning. Those who learn more (in terms of time, energy,and effectiveness) will sooner or later outrun in terms of wisdom those who are learning less.
  • Having humility and recognizing that we always have a lot to learn and that we should keep being a student for our entire lives.

Keywords: learning culture, learning mindset, to-learn list, growth mindset

Identifying the usefulness, reliability and confidence of knowledge (or skills)

The problem: We are surrounded by information - from the Internet, books, TV, etc. Many of them pretend to be useful by being interesting, but are actually misleading (marketing, promotion), biased, harmful (extremely unscientific theories) or simply useless for us (most news and political content). Those are big wasters of our time, energy and attention.

The solution: Understanding and recognition of the usefulness, reliability and confidence of knowledge and skills. Make yourself a habit of immediate judging these terms and deciding to spend your time on what can benefit the most according to your priorities.

Keywords: knowledge usefulness, knowledge reliability, knowledge certainty, negative information value, scientific method

The skills of learning and finding knowledge

The problem: It is not enough to spend a lot of time on learning. We should also learn to do it effectively, because on the end what matter is what have been learned. Without knowing how to learn:

  • People are often stuck at some skill level and stop truly learning.
  • People can be outrun by those who started later and learn less, but do that effectively. Without a proper mindset it is highly discouraging. (This often happen to a people of age, who have problems with learning in bug part because they haven’t been doing it for a very long time, and youngsters after years of school are trained well in learning.)

The solution:

  • Investing some time every while in the effectiveness of our learning and working.
  • Cultivating this knowledge and maintaining effective learning and working skills.

Keywords: Deep work, Spaced repetition, Immersion, Focused and diffused mode, Habits, Anki, Google

Discovering and correcting knowledge

The problem: Since the world changes so fast, most of the knowledge cannot be found in books or even on the internet - it hasn’t been discovered yet. Also, knowledge that used to be true gets outdated.

The solution: Learning to test and discover knowledge. This requires knowing the scientific method, how to make hypothesis, how to test them, how to evaluate their significance. Understanding how to conduct experiments on a personal, business and social levels. Learn to ask yourself the right questions, and keep revising your knowledge.

Keywords: personal experimentation, Rationalism, hypothesis, A/B testing, testing, lean, Lean Startup, statistics, statistical significance

Learning Driven in our lives

Learning Driven is a framework for living concentrated on learning. It should be a life companion, but surely does not answer all our problems. Though, by encouraging learning, it should give you space to learn everything else you need. It is primary, that is why I think it is so important.

Learning Driven in my life

I write all that for myself. I want to organize, rethink and evaluate my way of thinking. I also want to make the best framework of thinking for myself now, myself in the future, my friends and relatives, people around me I care about, my community, and ultimately for everyone.

This whole philosophy is based on lessons from others I absorbed, on my own life, on many books I read, and on discussions I on this topic had (I have a habit of starting a conversation with strangers with “What can you teach me?”). But this whole framework is still under construction. And will be, probably forever. I am not willing to force it to anyone. Just the opposite. I am living it here, and hope it will be found useful for others. If it is, I hope to see it on feedback, if it is not, at least I am not wasting anyone time ;)

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Marcin The author of the Effective Kotlin and Android Development in Kotlin books, founder of the Kt. Academy and Learning-Driven, programming trainer, speaker at international conferences, experienced developer.
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